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Please call 951-301-4414 to apply for aid
Documents Required are:
1. Identification for all members of the household:
ID for all persons age 18 and over. Must be current and issued by a California or a U.S. government agency . Birth Certificates for children age 17 and under. Alternative: immunization records or proof of local school enrollment.
2. Proof of Address One of the following:
Utility bill in your name, Rental Agreement/Lease, Vehicle Registration, Tax Return, official government document or bank statement. Alternative: 2 forms of other postmarked correspondence.
3. Proof of Income:
All of the following that apply for each member of the household: Paystubs, Proof of government payments or assistance, court ordered payments and rent subsidy statements if applicable. Most current W-2’s, 1099’s* and Tax Returns. (* Include 1099’s even of you did not file a return.)